Welcome to the Metolius River Basin and the Metolius Recreation Area. Take a step back in time and enjoy the scenic beauty as it was seen by the early visitors to the area. When Camp Sherman was first settled in 1911, it was named by wheat farmers from Sherman County, Oregon.

Enjoy the tall, stately Ponderosa pine and the beautiful Western Larch, Douglas-fir and Aspen trees. Soak in the intrinsic beauty of the wild and scenic Metolius River and its origin, Metolius Springs, a large bubbly spring emerging from beneath the mossy hillside of Black Butte.

In October 2004, Hoodoo Recreation purchased one of the nicest RV parks in eastern Oregon, then known as Black Butte Resort, located under the tall majestic pines of Camp Sherman. For many years, Hoodoo has managed the USFS campgrounds nearby on the Metolius, and the addition of this property, now known as Hoodoo’s Camp Sherman Resort, has allowed Hoodoo to more effectively manage all the campgrounds in the Camp Sherman area.

You can enjoy the outdoors by biking, hiking, fly fishing, skiing or simply viewing the wildlife by walking out of your room or RV. Hoodoo’s Camp Sherman Resort is just a short 150 yards from the beautiful Metolius River, with additional lakes and streams in close proximity. Feel like hiking? The climb to the top of Black Butte is both inviting and invigorating and the view is beautiful and panoramic.

All motel rooms have 22″ flat-screen TVs with Dish Network basic channels, but no in-room phone (pay phones are available a short walk from the motel).

Whether your plans include tents, RVs, or a cozy motel room, Hoodoo’s Camp Sherman Resort has something for you. Please stop at our front office in Camp Sherman, just before the bridge, for more information. You can also give us a call at (541) 595-6514 or email our office at campshermanrv@umbrellaproperties.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.